(7)-Brand Hitch Covers

(7)-Brand Hitch Covers

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(7)-Brand Hitch Covers, 50% down with order, 50% due before shipping. 

Custom made Brand Hitch Covers. Two Piece Design. Layers are 3/16" thick. Fits a standard 2" receiver. All stainless-steel construction.

Matte Black/Silver Hitch Cover. Made from stainless steel. Hitch Cover is powder coated matte black.  Brand and border are polished.

  1. KM registered to Mark Thompson
  2. Bar 4L registered to Dan Rigsbee
  3. 1/4circle DV registered to Vincent & Diane Genco
  4. Lazy G Bar registered to Richard Gallagher (and recently registered to me)
  5. 4D Bar registered to Ron & Christine Dunbar
  6. CR registered to Ruben Camacho
  7. Rocking BB